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Improving driveline part costs


The goal of improving fuel usage and pollution is a major challenge that Automotive OEMs are facing these days.

When using a powertrain supplier that specializes in the manufacturing of transmission parts, purchasing teams must focus on reducing costs and maintaining a high quality product. AmTech has years of drivetrain supplier expertise, we provide services to improve program launches while improving productivity and cost reductions to give you competitive marketplace advantages.

In the area of torque transfer systems and torque control, we supply OEM customers with items such as transfer housings, drive shafts and electronic control boxes. In addition, we are currently working with several Automakers on electric drive transmission partss to help their growing hybrid and electric vehicle models.

The world’s leading OEMs of transmissions and clutches rely on our excellent supplier expertise. We supply clutch baskets, inner hubs, axles, transfer case housings and pressure plates. The team at AmTech International understands the challenges that Purchasing Managers and Buyers face in global competition. We also know how to support you most effectively, save time and reduce costs.

To accelerate product development we work very closely with customer Engineers to properly incorporate design simulation, manufacturing, quality management and delivery optimization. Our constant goal is to provide stress-free component launches that meet or exceed your project goals from day one of the RFQ stage.

By using the latest production methods, we produce transmission and torque converter parts that deliver first class reliability and durability.

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