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Manufactured ProductsTS16949 / QS9000 / ISO14001 certified supplier to OEMs

We have the capability and capacity to meet the stringent demands of the World’s leading OEMs

Original Equipment manufacturers across the U.S.A. and around the world rely on AmTech International, and we take their trust seriously. Our customer industries include: Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Electronic, Marine, Medical, Military, Mining, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicles manufacturers.

Our products are produced to deliver the best QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICE, & DELIVERY in the industry. Our dedication to quality and service is one of our most valuable assets.

Our Heat Treating and forging facility under one roof. Extensive quality assurance department equipped with CMM machine, CNC gear tester, spectrographic, metallographic and magnaflux equipment. All design and production of tools dies and molds are done in house. We use the latest technology such as CAD/CAM to assist in the design and manufacturing process.

AmTech International quality control

AmTech has produced the following OEM components for our large customer base:

Machined Casting: Gearbox housings

Learn more about the engineered parts that we manufacture.

Oxygen Sensor Cover

Stamping / Fineblanking

Forged Motor Shaft

Forgings, Shafts

Support Disc

Die Casting

End Adapter

Die Casting

Boss Housing

Investment Casting

Stamped Brace

Stamping / Fineblanking

Sensor Housing

Die Casting

AISI 304 Base

Investment Casting

Stainless Steel Pintle

Custom Machining

Fuel Pump Vane

Die Casting

End Cap

Investment Casting

Cap & Adapters

Investment Casting

Axial Hammer

Investment Casting

Gear Motor Housing

Sand Casting

Turbo Charger Housing

Die Casting, Gravity Casting

Injector Housing

Investment Casting

Torque Converter Pilot

Forgings, Torque Converter