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Lubricating Oil RingsBrass ring casting manufacturer

AmTech manufactures lubricating rings and brass castings for OEM customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico

Lubricating oil rings are replacement brass parts used in power transmission applications

Looking for a high quality, brass lubricating oil ring manufacturer? The replacement Lubrication Rings, Deflectors and Seals are important components in industrial machinery. Poor quality parts can lead to machine and line shut downs.

These specialty lubricating rings are engineered to deliver a precise amount of oil. Rather than disassembling your entire gearbox, the easily accessible brass rings can be quickly taken apart and replaced.

This results in your machinery continuing to operating at a nearly new level.

As a trusted supplier to Fortune 500 customers, AmTech International is an industry leader in brass lubrication rings and brass sand castings. Contact our sales team to get started today.

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