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Worm Gears & ShaftsCustom Gears for high speed reductions

Custom manufacturer of worms gears

Application of worm gears, which is similar to a standard spur gear, and the worm, which is a cylindrical gear that resembles a screw, allows for smaller gearboxes or planetary drives, while retaining torque or power. It is common for worm gears to have reductions of 20:1, and even up to 300:1 or greater.

Typically, standard manufactured worm gears include an unique capability which other gears do not have - the "worm" can effortlessly spin the worm gear, but the "gear" is not able to maneuver and fully rotate the worm. What's the reason behind this inability to rotate the gear worm? The angle is not deep enough on the worm, so when the gear attempts to rotate the worm, high frictional pressure between worm and gear components keep the worm stuck in position.

OEM Worm Gear Sets

Committed to excellence, our employees have the most important priority satisfying your gear building needs and product improvement.

Also, we take pride in our equipment; few manufacturers have the equipment to engineer metal parts as precise as we do.

Even fewer manufacturing companies have the machining equipment to check the tolerances we can hold.

Being a manufacturer of OEM gears, with a diverse supply of material types, allow us to achieve the most challenging customer demands.

The combination of robust materials, advanced manufacturer technologies, reliability and our dedication to customer satisfaction makes us a top supplier in advanced gears and gear products.
Our gear manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China offer years of worm gear design expertise, gained through many projects that included varied sizes of custom worm gears to print requirements.

In addition, our Engineers can customize your sample worm gears when a full custom drawings or 3D CAD files are not available.

Worm Shafts

As worm shaft suppliers, AmTech International can produce worm shafts with a diameter of 6mm to 305mm and a length of 50mm to 305mm.

Using our manufacturing and machining expertise, AmTech manufactures worm shafts and worm gears. Use of the worm shaft, which is a cylindrical gear that resembles a screw, allows for smaller gear boxes or drives, while retaining torque or power.

AmTech International is an experienced worm shaft supplier with machining services that include milling, hobbing, shaping and can use any of these to manufacturing process to produce your worm shafts and worm gear sets

Gear Material Types

- Acetal
- Delrin
- Alloy Steel
- Aluminum
- Brass
- Bronze
- Carbon Steel
- Ductile Iron
- Gray Cast Iron
- Nylon
- Plastic
- Polycarbonate
- Stainless Steel

Industry Applications

- Automotive
- Biotechnology
- Chemical
- Construction
- Defense
- Electrical
- Electronics
- Firearms
- Machinery
- Marine
- Medical
- Off Highway
- Pneumatics
- Semiconductor

Manufacturing Processes

- Broaching
- Carburizing
- Climb Hobbing
- Conventional Hobbing
- Grinding
- Heat Treating
- Honing
- Flame Cutting
- Lapping
- Nitriding
- Milling
- Shaping
- Shaving
- Forging

Gear manufacturing services

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