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Corporate Citizenship During COVID Crisis Unmasks Sustainable Solutions

Amtech O.E.M., a custom manufacturing supplier that has over twenty-five years’ experience providing components that can be used in medical devices such as ventilators and other medical devices, announced today that it is dedicating the use of several 3-D printers to produce bio-degradable PPE Masks for its employees during the COVID -19 crisis.  “We are thrilled that Mr. Von Davis, our Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, initiated this project. Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility are very important to us. We want to have a positive impact on the community” stated Avi Tobias, Director of OEM Market Development.

While hording and price gauging have created supply chain shortages of masks throughout the country, Amtech O.E.M. has found a sustainable solution beginning with the creation of Employee Personal Protective Equipment masks.

“Presently, the entire staff is working off-site, but they still need to interact with people and they need PPE. We have directed Mr. Davis to create the masks in his home office as a way for us to “give back” to our own community and at the same time , help reduce the strain on the healthcare workers’ supply chain” said Mr. Tobias.

The mask design process begins with electronically setting the printer controls to accurately transmit the “pattern” onto the bio-degradable plastic fabric. Next Mr. Davis personally hand-cuts each mask at precise points.  He finds this aspect most rewarding because “people are more apt to wear a mask that fits properly.

With the onslaught of COVID-19, the need to replenish the supply chain is extremely critical. Mr. Harish Nagpal, Engineering Director at Amtech O.E.M. expressed his thoughts: “If we as a component manufacturer can do our part to improve availability of much needed Personal Protective Equipment, it may mean that we can save lives. We are humbled to be part of the solution.”

The Employee Personal Protective Equipment initiative has spurred an intensive Amtech O.E.M.  R & D project to create bio-degradable plastic masks for the medical field. Avi Tobias: “This year we are celebrating our twenty-fifth-year manufacturing over 100 million moving parts. Going forward, we will partner with our medical industry clients to explore methods to mass produce environmentally safe solutions so that supply chain inventory will be adequately filled with PPE and healthcare workers will never again find themselves at risk while they are taking care of us.”

About Amtech O.E.M.
Since 1995 Amtech O.E.M. has provided custom manufacturing services to leading corporations in the Medical, Automotive, Aviation, Heavy Equipment, Off-Highway, Robotics and Agriculture markets.  We provide components used in ventilators, portable respiratory equipment and specialty medical devices.

Having sold over 100 Million moving parts, Amtech O.E.M.’s success is driven by a commitment to delivering a 10-15% cost reduction savings when compared to existing vendor costs – giving our customers highly competitive prices without sacrificing quality. The quality related processes and procedures we adhere to assure the integrity of the components produced.  This has established our role as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to OEMs.

In addition, our warehouses are strategically placed in the United States, Mexico and Europe to efficiently manage JIT delivery programs.

Amtech O.E.M. is a proud partner of Limbs International, which transforms lives through affordable, sustainable prosthetic solutions in developing countries.  We are also committed to helping seriously and chronically ill children and their families, through our sponsorship of Bike4Chai: a premier cycling event which raises money to directly benefit sick children.

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