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AmTech International manufacturing news and press releases. Tier 1 & 2 automotive supplier updates and project highlights.

What is heat treatment?
What are the most common heat treatments for steel alloy metals? The heat treating process is used to change the physical and mechanical properties, without altering the shape of a metal part. These steel treatments are provided through several different options to achieve two desired results. What are these results of steel heat treating? –...
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Planet gears used in powertrain applications
Inside all automobiles exists the transmission to help regulate power and control vehicle speeds. There are so many different items that help the transmission properly work. This includes a proper planetary gearbox as well as the proper gear ratio. How Planetary Gears function inside of transmission gear sets The transmission is built with several distinct...
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Bevel gear supplier, AmTech International
AmTech International manufactures a large selection of custom OEM automotive gears in the United States and Mexico. The list of OEM parts include: spurs, bevels, miters, racks and pinions and worm sets. Other gear components, such as internal gears and cast or machined gearboxes, can also be supplied with JIT Deliveries. These gear parts are...
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