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Machined Cold Forgings

Aluminum & Steel Cold Forging company

Machined Cold Forging manufacturer

AmTech International provides machined cold forging manufacturer services to OEM customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. This is a highly efficient manufacturing process – for high volume products – to be made economically. Raw forged parts enable AmTech to precision machine net shape or near net shape parts with a tolerance of 1/10mm in overall diameter, which makes the cold forging machining very cost effective.

AmTech’s cold forging manufacture process has the ability to be 100x faster than CNC machining, while still holding accuracy. In the six-station machine, there are six raw cold forgings in process – each in a different step of manufacturing. After every cycle of the machine, the precision machined part is ejected from the last die while a new raw forging is being sheered to an engineered length and fed into the first die. This whole process is repeated at 100s of cycles in a minute.

See the benefits of Hot vs Cold Forging

Another benefit of cold forged parts are the lack of material grain growth and therefore perfectly aligned to the shape of the steel or aluminum material grains with an exceptionally strong and resistant surface.

Our forging plant is optimized with high production lines. Each line is equipped with CNC turning, milling and broaching stations to supply high quality, machined forgings that hold tight tolerance requirements.

AmTech’s OEM customer base features several industry types: automotive, off-highway, agricultural, sea craft, power transmission and other industries. In order to handle increased demand, we are constantly upgrading production capabilities and investing in new, state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure we continue to supply only high quality forged parts.


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