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Flexplate Assemblies

Flexplate Assembly manufacturer

Flexplate manufacturer to OEM customers

Flexplates are usually made in one of two ways – stamping or billeting. In the stamping process, sheet metal is stamped into the net shape of the plate and the ring gear is then welded on. Billeting is the process of machining a part from a solid piece of metal; in this process, either the flex-plate is billeted and the ring gear welded on, or the entire assembly, including the outer ring gear, is fashioned from a single piece of metal.

Stamped versions are the most common. Two-piece billeted plates are stronger due their thicker and more durable center plates, and are therefore used in applications requiring greater horsepower. One-piece flex plates are the strongest of the three, and usually integrate the ring gear onto the plate in one solid piece.


Flexplate assemblies are used primarily to start the engine in a vehicle.

Lastly, the flywheel helps connect the engine to the transmission, enabling the torque power produced by the engine to flow through the transmission to the rest of the drive train to the wheels to mobilize the vehicle.

The flexplate assembly replaces the flywheel in automatic transmission vehicles. The torque converter is bolted on to it, and it in turn is bolted onto the end of crankshaft, thereby delivering the rotation of the engine to the transmission.

AmTech has the full in-house capabilities to manufacture flex-plate assembly parts for your automotive and torque converter applications. Contact our sales team to submit your RFQ today.

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