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Pumps & Valves

Manufacturing Leader in Hydraulic Pump Components

Our OEM pumps are currently being used in many different industries as automotive pumps, beverage pumps, flavor pumps, ink pumps, medical pumps, chemical transfer pumps, seed coating pumps, lab pumps, bioreactor pumps, chemical injection pumps, sampling pumps and hundreds of other pump applications. 

We currently manufacture a broad line of hydraulic hand pumps and valves, as well as custom-designed fluid power systems for the construction, manufacturing, aerospace, marine, and petrochemical industries. System capabilities include the design and fabrication of large hydraulic power supplies and cylinders and also computer-controlled automatic testing equipment.

However, high quality products and easy product access are not always enough. A thorough knowledge of a clients’ unique application problems is a must. With years of practical and technical experience behind them, TR personnel can provide clients in many fields with highly effective solutions.


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