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A Special Thank You

To Who it may concern,

Since 2004, LIMBS International has bridged the gap between technology and affordability. In a world where the majority of research and development is focused on expensive first world solutions, LIMBS is committed to engineering the cost out of prosthetic systems without sacrificing quality. As a result, LIMBS provides amputees
with a durable, efficient, stable leg system at a fraction of the cost of other available relief devices.

LIMBS would like to thank Von Davis for helping us perfect the design as well as Harish Nagpal, Project Manager, Mandy Pang, Project Developer and Director of Business Development, Avi Tobias.

We would not have been able to continue our mission without wonderful partners like AmTech international Inc. All components received were made exactly as per our very tight specifications and requirements.

We thank AmTech for their contribution to our company.

Limbs International President, Oscar Montoya
Oscar Gonzalez – Montoya

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