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Deep Aeration Tine

Solid tine aeration is a key component of a good putting green management program. This is a superior method of overall golf course maintenance.

Aeration tines, available in a wide variety of sizes, are used to combat compaction of turf in golf courses and improve the playing surface. Tine aerators penetrate deep into the soil to maximize water percolation, stimulate root growth and improve airflow to the root system. Deep aeration tines produce deeper root systems that in turn support a healthy stand of turf.

AmTech’s investment casting division supplies this deep aeration tine for a leading turf specialist in the USA.

IndustryAgricultural Equipment
Dimensions4.31" x 0375"
MaterialAISI 4140
Tolerances+0 / -0.003"
ProcessesInvestment Casting, Precision Grinding, Induction Heat Treating, Black Oxide


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