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Electric Motor Housing

Aluminum Motor Shell

This Electric Motor Housing is mass produced by aluminum die casting for an Industrial Motor Manufacturer. The part features a lightweight frame, end plates and heat sinks. The end results are lower operational temperatures and motor vibration, creating a longer motor life.

The internal “guts” of this housing will contain multiple types of gears, one main shaft and electric motor.

Dual mount foot-holes allow for easy installation with custom spot facing, dowel pins and jack screws.

IndustryElectric Motors
MaterialADC 12

How The Aluminum Motor Shell Is Manufactured

Aluminum Motor ShellDie Casting Process
The aluminum alloy is first inspected, then a chemical composition analysis is carried out using a spectrology machine. Next, the alloy is melted by heating it to a temperature of approximately 680ºC, and then injected into the mold in the die casting machine. On cooling, the shell is removed and deburred using pneumatic tools. The shell is then shot blasted, machined and hand worked to ensure a smooth and even finish with no burrs.

The shell is heated by induction to expand the diameter and the windings are then dropped in; they are locked into place as the shell cools down. Amtech ensures that the inner diameter (6.286- 6.288) of the shell is strictly as per specifications, since if the shell is oversized the motor will fail. We therefore measure the diameter with respect to the four mounting holes of size 8.39 ~ 8.63.

Cleaning Process
Lastly, the die cast motor shell is cleaned by using reducing agents, acid and ultrasonic methods, and the piece is rinsed between each cleaning cycle. The electric motor housing unit is then dried in an oven, and after a final inspection by the Quality Control Department, is packed and sent to the customer.