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EV Motor Shaft

spline shaft manufacturing for hybrid vehicle

AmTech International manufactures this EV motor shaft for one of the largest motion control technology OEMs in North America. This transmission shaft, made with AISI 4140 steel alloy, is used by AmTech hybrid technology customer to manufacture a green energy vehicle transmission. The specialty transmission uses this precision machined spline shaft to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The torque density and speed capabilities of this motor, combined with a voltage matched inverter, provide the speed and torque required to achieve breakthrough performance while improving fuel efficiency.

MaterialAISI 4140 Cr-Mo Steel
ProcessesGun drilling, hobbing, shaping, milling / grinding, heat treating, washing and anti-rust packing

How this EV Motor shaft is manufactured

Gun Drilling and Turning

After the initial inspection, the gun drill is used to drill a hole 160 mm long and 2.5 mm in diameter into the transmission shaft.

The shafts are then turned in the CNC machine to ensure a precise turn with exact tolerances.

Hobbing, Heat Treating and Straightening

The teeth of the spline are then cut into the component. Since this part is made with an even number of teeth and is parallel over two or more teeth, it ensures improved gear meshing capability.

Next, controlled heat is applied to straighten the machined product.

After, CNC outer diameter grinding is applied to grind the driveshaft to meet the specified linear tolerances.

Washing, Rust-Proofing and Packaging

Lastly, the driveshafts are cleaned and sprayed with an anti-rust coating, after which they are wrapped individually and packed for shipment.

AmTech International manufactures a wide variety of plain and involute spline shafts that can provide strong resistance to torqued forces, and are therefore ideal for applications involving axial motion and torsional forces. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you meet your spline shafting needs.


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