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Tapered Shaft

Tapered shaft with knurling

AmTech International manufactures this tapered shaft for one of the leading global OEMs of windshield wiper systems and components.

This stainless steel shaft is used in a heavy-duty, yet lightweight windshield wiper motor for industrial vehicles.

The motor provides 33Nm torque and is thermoswitch protected, with ball bearings for greater efficiency and smooth operation.

Other motor design variation applications include: large rugged vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks, recreational trucks, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, utility vans and school buses.

IndustryWindshield Wiper System
Material303 Stainless Steel
ProcessesCutting, Straightening, CNC Machining, Grinding, Knurling, Ultra Sonic Cleaning

How The Stainless Steel Shaft Is Manufactured

Inspection, Cutting and Pre-Grinding
After the initial inspection, the shaft is cut to the required length. The pre-grinding process is then carried out to minimize the possibility of heat burns and other related stresses.

Turning, Milling and Threading
The shaft is then turned in the CNC Machine Center using both left-handed and right-handed tooling. Next, the top section of the shaft is knurled at an angle of 90º and the edges milled. Lastly, screw threads with M8x1.25 gauges are tapped on one end of the shaft.

Finish Grinding
Finish grinding is carried out via centerless grinding to achieve the precise tolerance of the part.

Washing, Rust-Proofing and Packing
The shafts are washed manually and visually inspected for bumps and scoring. They are then suitably packaged in plastic bags, put into standard exit boxes and shipped out.

AmTech International’s focus on quality performance and reliability ensures the shafts we manufacture can be used in heavy duty windshield motors across the world. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you meet your shafting needs.