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Planetary Gear DrivesPlanetary gear part manufacturing services for OEM companies

AmTech International is a Planetary Drives Manufacturer - Tier I Supplier to OEMs

AmTech International is a specialty OEM planetary drive manufacturer. We have an extensive list of customers in the agricultural, construction, automotive, marine, mining and other industries. Applications for these durable planetary drives include conveyers, cranes, crawlers, excavators, road rollers, track vehicles, winches and many others. By focusing on being an industry leading Planet gear manufacturer, as well as a supplier of custom-built gearboxes, we are always improving geometrical accuracy of tooth profiles.

The proper capabilities and TS16949 approved resources to support them, are selected by our solutions-focused approach team. The common goal amongst our team is to satisfy customer requirements in the most efficiently and effectively method. Whether for individual planetary drives or full gearbox assemblies, we work in a business where precision, reliability and superior products are mandatory for our customers, and we have the expertise in personnel, investment in machinery and standard systems.

Planetary drives manufacturer

We perform most of our engineering and manufacturer processes in-house which serves to help control lead times and improve "QC". Our heat treatment capability, for example, means we are uniquely positioned to produce carburized / hardened ground gears, while our team’s experience in their respective fields, and consequent expertise, ensures we have the capability to develop a product from concept to development and full production in a rapid response scenario without compromising on finished part reliability.

The planet's rotational wheels in these drives are typically fixed at 120 degrees apart, guiding the load equilibrium. This results in the creation of a zero force or perfectly neutral force inside the gearing parts. This further results in very low wear and high shock loading capacity.

The unique gearing set-up of these various custom drives are produced by specialized engineering capabilities. As tier one suppliers, each customer has different print requirements - ability to deliver high torque capacities, high reduction ratios and compact size efficiency.

Our gearsets and gearboxes are produced for heavy duty usage. Typically these OEM sets are designed for heavy, high-torque loads, especially when a small footprint is specified. Our gearboxes use forged, cast or fully machined carriers that has more strength than 3-piece carriers of the same grade. We can manufacture these engineered components with torque ratings up to one million ft-lbs.

Gear Material Types

- Acetal
- Delrin
- Alloy Steel
- Aluminum
- Brass
- Bronze
- Carbon Steel
- Ductile Iron
- Gray Cast Iron
- Nylon
- Plastic
- Polycarbonate
- Stainless Steel

Industry Applications

- Automotive
- Biotechnology
- Chemical
- Construction
- Defense
- Electrical
- Electronics
- Firearms
- Machinery
- Marine
- Medical
- Off Highway
- Pneumatics
- Semiconductor

Manufacturing Processes

- Broaching
- Carburizing
- Climb Hobbing
- Conventional Hobbing
- Grinding
- Heat Treating
- Honing
- Flame Cutting
- Lapping
- Nitriding
- Milling
- Shaping
- Shaving
- Forging

Gear manufacturing services

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