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Screw Machine Parts

AmTech’s screw machine parts division can handle strict OEM customer requirements using a variety of materials, from plastic to brass and metal alloys.

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Screw Machine Parts Manufacturer

Screw Machining Process

AmTech’s screw machine parts division can handle strict OEM customer requirements. Our precision manufacturing solutions are optimized for original equipment manufacturer part designs. To serve the needs of these high-level customers as a Swiss screw machine parts manufacturing supplier, we prioritize annual production volumes ranging from 10,000 to millions of pieces per SKU.
Screw Machine Parts

Screw Machine Capabilities

Our precision machining solutions provide the following capabilities:

Single Spindle: This machining process is orchestrated through single-spindle machines, which can be outfitted with a diverse array of cutting tools, enabling the production of exceptionally precise machined parts.

Multi-Spindle: This machining is executed using multi-spindle machines that are outfitted with multiple tools, ensuring efficient and precise cutting operations.

Part Length: 0.100” to 24”

Outer Diameter: 0.100” to 3”

Equipment Capabilities: Single spindle & multi-spindle

Operations: Form turning, drilling, reaming, boring, burnishing, thread rolling, tapping, knurling and single point threading

Tolerance: +/-.001″

Production Volume: Thousands to Millions per year

We offer a just-in-time delivery program from several warehouse locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Western Europe.


Alloy Steel: 4130, 4140



Carbon Steel


Plastic: Acetal, Nylon, Delrin, PEEK, POM

Stainless Steel: 303, 304, 316, 321, 303SE, 420, 440C, 17-4, 17-7



  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Marine
  • Medical Devices
  • Off-Highway
  • Pneumatics


  • Process and Support Engineering
  • Multiple Secondary Operation Capability
  • CNC Turning, Milling
  • Broaching, Slotting, Bending and Crimping
  • Thread Rolling
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Through-feed & In-feed Grinding
  • Heat Treating, Plating and Coating
  • Special Packaging
  • PPAPs, Process Capbailities, and First Articles
Trusted Component Fabrication

The AmTech Edge

AmTech stands out with its globally recognized certifications, extensive industry experience, and a well-coordinated international production network. This makes us a top pick for high-precision fabrication needs.

Services Offered

AmTech specializes in investment casting, die casting, machining, as well as hot and cold forging processes.

Global Network

Overcome supply chain challenges with AmTech’s robust and interconnected global manufacturing network.

Production Expertise

AmTech consistently supplies high-quality gears, shafts, aluminum die castings, and precision screw machine parts, alongside other essential components, to our OEM clients.

Proven Track Record

Benefit from AmTech’s twenty years of industry expertise, ensuring the most dependable OEM services and components available in the market.
Screw Machine Parts
Spherical joints, Metal parts fitting seamlessly together.


Your Questions, Answered

If you have a question about our screw machine parts services that isn’t listed here, please reach out to our expert team to discuss specifics of your project.
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