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Prototyping & Engineering

AmTech’s experienced engineering team has seen it all and can work with you to complete your design. Then we’ll manufacture a prototype with advanced processes that can meet even the most custom or intricate designs.

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Prototyping & Design Engineering services

  • Explore your creativity and accelerate your product development cycle
  • Design Optimizations with weight reductions
  • Product Optimizations by using different material
Custom Engineering Design & Manufacturing services separate AmTech OEM from other manufacturers.
Bring our Engineering team your most challenging product requirements and let our design engineers help solve the dilemmas that are impacting your final application performance. We can customize your existing product to develop a modified standard or work with your team to develop a solution geared toward your specific needs.
Our design engineers have more than 100 years of experience and will work with you from conceptualization to develop the perfect solution to your current issues – at no additional cost to you.
Leading in Prototyping & Casting

The AmTech Edge in Prototyping and Casting

AmTech is acclaimed for its global certifications, extensive experience, and a robust international manufacturing network, making it a premier choice for advanced prototyping and casting services.

Innovative Services

AmTech is at the forefront of offering specialized prototyping and casting services, focusing on creating precise, high-quality prototypes and cast products using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

Tackle supply chain hurdles with ease, thanks to AmTech's expansive and efficient global manufacturing network.

Expertise in Prototyping and Casting

Dedicated to excellence, AmTech prides itself on delivering expertly crafted prototypes and castings, tailored to meet the intricate needs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) clients.

Decades of Experience

With a history spanning over twenty years in prototyping and casting, AmTech offers unmatched reliability and expertise in OEM services, ensuring exceptional quality and innovation in every project.
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Your Questions, Answered

If you have a question about our prototyping and engineering services that isn’t listed here, please reach out to our expert team to discuss specifics of your project.
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