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732-972-5400 Contact AmTech
IATF 16949 - ISO 9001
Approved Production Facilities
TIER 1 & 2 Manufacturing Supplier
Supporting mid - high volumes
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Lean Manufacturing

Helping customers replace costly, resource-intensive products with price sensitive production methods.

OEM Trusted

Since 1995 we have served leading OEM customers in the Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Lawn & Garden, Electrical, Marine, Medical, Oil / Gas, Power Sports and Robotics markets.

Dependable Supply Chain

Supporting Lean deliveries for frequent inventory turnovers in the United States, Mexico, Canada & Europe.

Why choose AmTech manufacturing services?

Productivity Savings

AmTech typically creates a 10-15% cost reduction savings when compared to existing vendor costs – giving our customers highly competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Consistent Quality

Our quality related processes and procedures assure the integrity of the components we produce. This has established our role as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to OEMs.

Customer Service

This is the most important MOTTO at AmTech International. We maintain this philosophy by driving a commitment of serving our customer’s needs.

Inventory Management

To improve our customer inventory turnover rates, our Warehouses strategically placed in the United States, Mexico and Europe to efficiently manage JIT delivery programs.

Gear manufacturing services Learn More Die Casting and machining services Learn More Ring Gear and Flywheel assembly services Learn More Shaft Manufacturing Services Learn More Aluminum Die Casting Services Learn More

Precision manufacturing of gears, shafts, castings, forgings and more.

AmTech manufacturing services

A variety of custom gear manufacturing types, including: Spiral & Straight Bevel Gears, Helicals, Planetary sets, Flywheels & Flexplate Assemblies, Ring Gears, Ring & Pinion Sets, Spurs and Worms.

AmTech shaft manufacturing

A variety of custom shaft manufacturing types, including: Cast Shafts, Forged, Gear Shafts, Simple Motor Shafts, Splines, Multiple Sections Welded and Worm Shafts.

Our casting expertise includes: Die casting, Gravity, Investment, Sand casting and precision machining of cast parts.

Our forging expertise includes: Hot and Cold forging.

Precision stamping and fineblanking services for high volume projects.

Other manufacturing services include Clutch Hubs & Baskets, Gate Valve parts, Hydraulic parts, Lubricating Slinger Rings, MIM and Specialty Yokes.