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732-972-5400 Contact AmTech
IATF 16949 - ISO 9001
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TIER 1 & 2 Manufacturing Supplier
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Lean Manufacturing

From prototyping and sampling, to mass production development stages. AmTech helps replace costly, resource-intensive products with price sensitive production methods for OEM customers.

OEM Trusted

Since 1995 we have supplied leading manufacturers in: Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Lawn & Garden, Electrical, Off-Highway, Marine, Medical, Oil / Gas, Power Sports & Robotics markets.

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Dependable Supply Chain

Supporting lean delivery systems to streamline frequent inventory turnovers in the United States, Mexico, Canada & Europe. Avoid building excessive inventory production levels, through JIT releases.

AmTech OEM makes everything move better with custom manufacturing services.

Investment casting

Investment casting services are used in the manufacture of extremely complex parts that use specialized alloys or need a lot of machining, and/or which cannot be produced by traditional methods.

Learn about our expertise with: Aluminum Die & Gravity Casting.

Precision machined forging services utilize both Hot forging and Cold forging material. Learn which process is best suited for your project.

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