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732-972-5400 Contact AmTech
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Lean Manufacturing

From prototyping and sampling, to mass production development stages. AmTech helps replace costly, resource-intensive products with price sensitive production methods for OEM customers.

OEM Trusted

Since 1995 we have supplied leading manufacturers in: Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Lawn & Garden, Electrical, Off-Highway, Marine, Medical, Oil / Gas, Power Sports & Robotics markets.

Dependable Supply Chain

Supporting lean delivery systems to streamline frequent inventory turnovers in the United States, Mexico, Canada & Europe. Avoid building excessive inventory production levels, through JIT releases.

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AmTech makes everything move better with custom manufacturing services.

A variety of custom gear manufacturing types, including: Spiral & Straight Bevel Gears, Helicals, Planetary sets, Flywheels & Flexplate Assemblies, Ring Gears, Ring & Pinion Sets, Spurs and Worms.

AmTech shaft manufacturing

A variety of custom shaft manufacturing types, including: Cast Shafts, Forged, Gear Shafts, Simple Motor Shafts, Splines, Multiple Sections Welded and Worm Shafts.

Our casting expertise includes: Die casting, Gravity, Investment, Sand casting and precision machining of cast parts.

Our forging expertise includes: Hot and Cold forging.

Precision stamping and fineblanking services for high volume projects.

Other manufacturing services include Clutch Hubs & Baskets, Gate Valve parts, Hydraulic parts, Lubricating Slinger Rings, MIM and Specialty Yokes.

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