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From automotive assembly to medical equipment and energy infrastructure, AmTech’s robust OEM manufacturing services power businesses that keep the world moving. Driven to excel in this important mission, the multinational nodes of AmTech’s global manufacturing network deliver high-quality parts on time, when and where our partners need them. Whatever you make, AmTech helps make it better.
automotive industry


AmTech OEM leverages over 25 years of experience to serve the automotive industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. We provide custom engineering services and produce components like transmission gears and drive shafts, ensuring quality and cost efficiency throughout the production process​​​​.
construction industry


AmTech's expertise in machined castings and forgings, as well as our custom engineering services, are likely to be relevant for construction machinery and infrastructure projects​​.
robotics industry


AmTech is a reliable parts supplier for the robotics industry, providing custom machined castings and precision gears integral to robotic systems.
electrical industry


AmTech produces electric motor shafts and other custom components that serve the electrical industry's needs for precise and reliable parts​​.
lawn & garden industry

Lawn & Garden

AmTech's manufacturing capabilities in custom components like machined forgings and stampings means we can create essential parts for lawn and garden equipment​​.
construction industry


Amtech supports the Off-Highway industry as a Tier I & II manufacturer, offering custom component manufacturing that meets the rigorous demands of off-highway vehicle production​​​​.
marine industry


AmTech’s screw machining and machined castings are crucial for marine equipment manufacturing​​​​, making us a preferred supplier for the marine industry.
medical industry


AmTech’s certifications and custom engineering services allow us to produce high-quality parts for ventilators, portable respirators, and other speciality medical devices.
gas & oil industry

Oil / Gas

AmTech's expertise in machined forgings and custom component manufacturing means our parts stand up to the rigorous standards and physical demands of this sector.
p[ower sports industry

Power Sports

AmTech's manufacturing capabilities for gears, shafts, and other precision components could cater to the high-performance requirements of the power sports industry​​.

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