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Custom Shaft Manufacturing

Specializing in precision-engineered shafts, our process ensures high-quality results. Tailored to client specifications, each shaft is crafted with utmost care and precision.
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Forged shaft

Forged Shafts

Utilizing advanced forging techniques, these shafts boast superior strength and durability. Ideal for heavy-duty applications, each shaft is meticulously shaped and refined.
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Spur gear, Gear-shaft on white background, 3D rendering.

Gear Shafts

Expertly designed for gear systems, these shafts are crafted for seamless integration and optimal performance. Precision engineering guarantees consistent quality and reliability.
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Simple shaft manufacturing

Simple Motor Shafts

Offering straightforward solutions for motor shaft manufacturing, these shafts are produced with efficiency and precision. Perfect for standard motor applications, providing reliability and quality.
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The spare parts of spline shaft part. The automotive parts manufacturing process.

Spline Shafts

Incorporating intricate spline designs, these shafts are tailored for complex mechanical systems. Precision and attention to detail ensure a perfect fit and exceptional performance.
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Laser welding used on shafts to attach multiple material types together.

Welded Shafts

Employing state-of-the-art laser welding, these shafts combine different materials for enhanced functionality. Each shaft is carefully welded for strength and versatility.
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worm shaft

Worm Shafts

Specially crafted for worm gear applications, these shafts are designed for optimal compatibility and performance. Meticulous manufacturing processes ensure high precision and durability.
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