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The lead screw shaft spare part of CNC machine


AmTech offers a broad assortment of shafts for automakers, industrial machinery, and other applications. Our capabilities extend from gear shafts to multi-section laser-welded shafts.
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close up of a gear, stainless steel, background, engine background, generative ai, digital illustration.


Our gears are precision-ground and cut to meet the demands of any industrial application. Contact us for assistance with parts such as Flywheels, Flexplate Assemblies, Starter Ring Gears, and more.
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Over the Shoulder Shot of Engineer Working with CAD Software on Desktop Computer, Screen Shows Technical Details and Drawings. In the Background Engineering Facility Specialising on Industrial Design

Prototyping & Engineering

AmTech's experienced engineering team has the expertise to assist with even the most custom and intricate designs. After completing the design, we'll manufacture a prototype using advanced processes.
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Licensed FILE #: 228787588 Preview Crop Find Similar Expand Image DIMENSIONS 5549 x 3699px FILE TYPE JPEG CATEGORY Industry LICENSE TYPE Standard or Extended Casting iron by green sand process ; technology for Casting, in the metal industry, the process that molten metal is poured into a mold , where it solidifies into shape , Industrial background

Gravity Castings

The Gravity Casting process is a cost-effective alternative to sand casting that can be utilized to create a variety of parts in different sizes using aluminum and other light alloys.
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High precision die mold for casting automotive aluminium parts make with iron metal steel by lathe milling drilling and CNC machinery in the industrial factory.

Die Casting

Die casting is ideal for large-scale production runs. It's a cost-effective process for producing aluminum and other metal products, including zinc and magnesium.
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metal forging, forging shop. hydraulic hammer shapes the red-hot billet. the production of high-tech parts


AmTech OEM's forged component division specializes in precision-machined forging. To determine the best forging process for your project, contact us today.
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Hot iron in smeltery held by a worker. High precision hot forging product, automotive part production by hot forging process, automatice line hot forging. iron melting recycling work.

Hot Forging

Utilize hot forging for your project to add a layer of uniformity and durability to the finished product, and is an ideal process for steel and certain types of alloys.
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