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Custom Gear Grinding Services

OEM Gear Grinding & Finishing

Custom Gear Grinding is a close tolerance, precision manufacturing process that involves the removal of material by rubbing abrasive grains against the gear blank at high speeds and shallow penetration depth. Grinding is used to deburr finishes, remove rough edges, smoothen and polish the metal surface of the gear.

In addition, when gears are heat treated some material irregularities occur on the surface – due to the material being exposed to extreme heat temperature. If these material surface irregularities are left on the gear, post heat treating, the final application will have a significant amount of noise during function. Some applications, industrial transmissions may allow some noise – whereas electric vehicle transmissions require almost no noise and a super-finish specification.

Gear grinding services

There are four main processes of custom gear grinding


In cylindrical grinding, the surface of the gear is concentric to the fixed axis of rotation of the gear. This type of grind produces a straight, tapered or contoured surface.


Internal diameter or ID grinding is used to finish the inside of a hollowed-out gear.


In centerless grinding, the blank is held between two wheels, a grind wheel and a regulating wheel, rotating in the same direction at different speeds, and a holding platform. This method of grinding is most suitable for large volume grinding, since many pieces can be ground simultaneously in a continuous stream.

Surface Gear Grinding

Surface grinding involves feeding the gear in a horizontal place under a spinning grinding wheel, to provide a smooth finish to a flat machine surface.

AmTech’s precision gear grinding equipment can manufacture gears up to 48″ in diameter. The types of gearing types we grind, include: Bevels, Helical, Planetary, Rack & Pinion, Spline Shafts, Spurs and Worms.

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