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Metal Stamping & Fineblanking

Fineblanking and Stamping Manufacturer

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The Metal Stamping Process

The process of transforming flat sheet metal into net shapes, using a stamping press along with tools and dies. This process is used in several industries, from manufacturing household appliances to automotive OEMs. 

Metal stamping offers a considerable cost advantage, and products developed with the metal stamping process are usually stronger and most durable than those made by other metal forming processes such as forging or die casting. Parts can also be turned out in large numbers very quickly. For these reasons, metal stamping has become increasingly popular over the last few years. 

Fine Blanking

When precision, quality and automation are critical. However, fine blanking is a better option. Fine blanking is a specialized form of metal stamping where the whole part is compressed and an upper and lower punch are used to extract the blank. In one step, fine blanking can produce hundreds of smooth edged parts per minute with high accuracy, and without cupping, edge tearing or fracture zones when shearing. 

The precision and stability of the process offers close tolerances and eliminates the need for many secondary operations such as grinding, milling, broaching etc. As a result, fine blanking can be a cost-effective option in many cases. 

AmTech International is a TS16949, ISO9001 and QS9000 certified company offering stamping and fine blanking solutions for OEM and automotive companies in North America. With our fine blanking capabilities from 100 to 1,500 ton presses, and over twenty years’ experience in supplying large and small customers, you can depend on AmTech’s engineering expertise to deliver the quality and the cost-effective solutions you need. 


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