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Torque Converter Stator

Torque Converter Stator

In automatic transmissions, the hydrodynamic torque converter is the start-up unit, the multiplier for rpm and torque, and a vibrational damper.

A torque converter typically has three elements: the impeller, the turbine and the stator.

The main function of the stator is to deflect the oil back to the impeller and maintain a favorable supply to the pump during the converter phase of operation.

AmTech OEM supplies this torque converter stator to one of the largest torque converter manufacturers in Mexico.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive

O.D.: 7.33"

Weight: 1.06 lbs

Material: Aluminum A380

Tolerances: ±0.001"

Processes: Die Casting, Trimming, Shot Blasting, CNC Machining, Ultra Sonic Washing

Usage: 300,000

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