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Quick Pro Tips When Finding A Reliable Manufacturer

Spur gear project

You need to consider several factors when submitting an RFQ. This single item could either make or break the effectiveness of your machine. That said, some of the tips you can use to find the correct item include the following:

Speed and Torque: The calculation of the speed and torque of the entire system is crucial when it comes to the correct supplier capabilities. That refers to the input torque and speed and the output torque and speed of the system. With that in mind, before purchasing from your manufacturer, always consider these numbers.

Remember the Pitch: One of the most significant ways to identify your specifications is by using the pitch. That includes the gear’s diametrical pitch, module, and circular pitch. This value has designated the term DP (diametrical pitch) in the US. A set of DPs are preset to make things easier since this value is infinite.

Teeth Geometry: Even though you can work with a custom manufacturer, there are specific values you should have in mind to make the process easier for both you and the company. One of the values your supplier will ask you for is the teeth geometry.

The teeth’ depth, pressure angle, and pitch determine the teeth’ geometry. More importantly, a set of formulas are used to determine this value. However, if you are working with experts, they will already have a rough idea of the item once you give them a little information on the use and the machine.

Material: The construction primarily determines the material strength, performance, and endurance. More importantly, like most products, design is crucial, but it heavily relies on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the item.

Today, almost all forms of materials can be used to produce gearing, including plastics, steel, brass, aluminum, and its alloys. Of all the vast options, hardened steel is probably the most commonly used material. That’s because this material is quite effective and can be refined to reduce the chance of premature tears. With that in mind, when giving project specifications of this item, remember to mention the material of the item.

Idler gear: Another essential component of sourcing custom parts is whether or not the machine includes an idler gear. Idlers are typically used to change the directional rotation of the system’s output gear. It’s a small detail, but it could change the specifications of your project.

Stress calculation: Several stress calculations have to be made during the production process. Generally, the need for this process is to ensure the safety and strength of the item. However, when working with a professional vendor, you don’t have to worry about safety. That’s because your product will receive the proper inspections to assure the highest quality possible.

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