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Case Study: Investment Casting Solution for a Leading Automotive Company

Investment Casting Solution for a Leading Automotive Company

Our client, a leading automotive company, has acclaimed us as their premier supplier, after we slashed their costs by $73,000 per month—on just ONE critical part! And this success is not exclusive to this automotive giant.

The Challenge:

This constitutes a segment of an intricate hydraulic valve featuring a sophisticated head and intricate oil passages. The existing production process involves forging the component followed by an elaborate machining procedure on a Four-axis machine, rendering the part excessively costly. Subsequently, the parts must undergo tumbling to eliminate any sharp edges.

The Solution:

We conducted a visit to the customer’s site to comprehend the pump application and determine the necessary hydraulic pressure. Gathering all parameters related to the mating parts, we returned to our drawing board to redesign the component using investment casting. After creating a 3D model, we supplied it to the customer for validation. Upon receiving approval from the customer, we confirmed that we were on the right track. Subsequently, we crafted the investment casting mold and produced 50 samples with Level 3 Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), delivering them to the customer within 45 days.

The Result:

Our innovative solution not only resulted in a monthly machining cost reduction of $73,000 for the prominent automotive company on this particular part but also culminated in an impressive total savings of $876,000 within a single year. Beyond the financial advantages, the customer disassembled the cell. Six months later, they sold the DMG Mori DMU 50 machine, utilizing the freed-up floor space to enhance the assembly operation of the pump.


AmTech’s initiative to encourage the customer to adopt Investment Casting not only resulted in substantial cost reductions and capital savings but also reaffirms our commitment to providing the best manufacturing solutions to our customers.

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