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Forged Shaft ManufacturingAmTech International forged shafts

As forged shaft suppliers, AmTech International can produce forged shafts with a diameter of 50mm to 305mm and a length of 75mm to 406mm.

Forged shafts help purchasing teams save money when compared to precision machined shafts from bar stock. AmTech International's forge manufacturing solutions produce varied forged shafting styles from a large selection of material types.

Forged shaft manufacturer

By utilizing our forging supplier expertise, our Plant can forge shafts with in lot sizes of hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

Forged shaft manufacturing

Advantages of forged shaft manufacturing:

- Greater strength & fatigue resistance
- Improved microstructure
- Reduced downtime because of premature failures
- Decreased probability of voids
- Continuous grain flow
- Increased service life
- Ability to operate at higher pressures and load weight
- Weight reduction

Manufacturing services

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