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AmTech International supplies impression die hot forging, closed die hot forging, net shape and near net shape hot forging services to OEM customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. In addition, we supply high volume drop forged parts up to 80 lbs.

AmTech's hot machined forging expertise includes products such as knuckles, yokes, tie rods, hubs, ball joints, rockers, pilots, control arms, spindles, forged gear and shaft sets.

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Our forging equipment includes hydraulic hammers ranging from 31 KG to 125 KG and presses up to 2500 tons.

Heat treatment equipment consists of three Batch Quench and Tempered Furnaces, two Continuous Normalizing Heat Treatment Furnaces, a Rolling Isothermal Normalizing Furnace and other Middle Frequency Induction Heating Equipment.

AmTech's plant specializes in high production lines. Each line is equipped with CNC turning, milling and broaching stations to supply high quality, machined forgings with tight tolerance requirements.

As a leading hot forging company, AmTech's OEM customer base covers several industry types: automotive, off-highway, agricultural, sea craft, power transmission and other industries. In order to handle increased demand, we are constantly upgrading production capabilities and investing in new, state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure we continue to supply only high quality hot forgings.

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