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Laser & Friction Welded ShaftsAmTech International spline shafts

AmTech International can manufacture welded shafts with a diameter of 25mm to 200mm and a length of 25mm to 1016mm.

Friction welded shaft

Friction welding

OEM customers face daily challenges of material pricing vs. product performance, causing pump shaft manufacturing to become more expensive as raw material cost increases occur.

To reduce manufacturing costs, many customers have started using friction welding as an efficient option for production cost reduction.

Friction welded shafts are produced when multiple parts are pressed together through a precise rotating movement. This high speed movement creates friction that results in elevated temperature levels. The heat enables both parts to achieve a plastic like state that forges the parts together into a permanent connection.

The actual friction welded shafts require very unique technology that incorporates state of the art monitoring controls. This process is used on specific applications only.

Advantages of friction welded shaft manufacturing:

- Friction welding allows OEMs the ability to use composite pieces rather than one piece shafts
- Versatility for customers can select the best materials for an application without concern on raw material or solid bar stock costs.
- Up to a 66% cost reduction versus traditional shaft manufacturing.

Laser Welding

Similar to Friction Welding, laser welded shafts allow clients to further customize shaft design. The laser welding process uses the energy from a concentrated laser beam to melt and fuse two parts together.

Laser welded shafts are perfect for heavy stress workloads and shaft assemblies that require multiple grades of steel materials.

Advantages of laser welded shaft manufacturing:

Laser welding used on shafts to attach multiple material types together.
- Ideal for Automotive and Drivetrain parts.
- Welded shape and depth can be adapted to part requirements.
- Increased weld bond quality.
- Great for steel and cast iron shaft materials.
- Very competitive piece price costs versus traditional methods.

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