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What Is Gearbox Backlash?

A defined space between the mating gear teeth, is created into the speed reducers. This allows the gearbox teeth to full engage without binding, while keeping a small pocket area for the lubricating oil to be lightly coated between each gear tooth. This will prevent gearbox overheating and geartooth damage. Lack of backlash causes the following problems in a gearbox set:

  • Seizing and failure 
  • Overloading
  • Noise
  • Overheating of gears and bearings
Motion control gear box used in a robotic assembly line application

Gearbox Applications

In contrast to standard gear boxes, low backlash gear box drives are engineered with increased radial forces and need elevate power density. Operation conditions like this can create tough challenges for the bearings. These heavy duty OEM drives require high performance bearings to be used.

The application of low backlash gearbox drives is very challenging. Extreme angular accelerations, high torsional rigidness and pinpoint accuracy in positioning and revolution velocity, need top of the line manufacturing machinery.

These planetary drive and servo gearboxes are used in the automated machinery, industrial, electromechanical and conveyor industries. The most common examples would include specialty gear reducers, open gearing, enclosed gear drives, motor controllers, AC drives and many other types of electro-mechanical components. These products are extensively used in conveyor systems for unit and bulk handling equipment, hoists, cranes, vertical lifts, elevators, moving monorail systems, forklifts and industrial automotive / off-highway applications.

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