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DC Starter Generator Shaft

DC Starter Generator Shaft

AmTech OEM manufactures this DC Starter Generator Shaft for an Aerospace OEM. The purpose of a starter generator is to crank the aircraft engine or APU system up to a specified RPM to start the aircraft.

This precision machined involute spline shaft is manufactured from 6150 steel.  In addition, the part receives several post operations from our shaft manufacturing process.

The involute spline has 12 teeth with a 20/40 Spine Pitch.

Finally, this product is Black Oxided coated, IAW MIL-C-13924 CLASS 3.

Project Details

Industry: Aerospace

Length: 11.151"

O.D.: 0.650"

Material: 6150 Steel

Tightest Tolerances: +0 / -0.003"

Processes: Spline Cutting, CNC Machining, Centerless Grinding, Heat treating, Washing and Anti-rust packing

Usage: 1,000

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