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Bevel Gear Shaft

Bevel Gear Shaft

AmTech OEM supplies this steel bevel gear shaft to a large manufacturer in the electric motor industry. This bevel gear shaft acts as a driver for a fan clutch assembly.

This assembly propels cooling fans at the top of an industrial engine and thereby prevents overheating.

This 7.125″ long, 8620 forged shaft is forged, CNC machined, hobbed, deburred and then surface hardened to HRc 33 to 45.

Project Details

Industry: Industrial Motors

Length: 7.125"

O.D.: 2.12"

Material: SAE 8620

Tolerances: ±0.005"

Processes: Forging, Machining, Hobbing, Grinding, Deburring, cleaning and rustproofing.

Usage: 3,600

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