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Motorcycle Spline Shaft

Motorcycle Spline shafts manufacturing

As leading Motorcycle Spline Shaft manufacturers to OEM customers, AmTech has over two decades of shaft supplier experience. This Motorcycle Spline Shaft is precision machined from cold forged, 8620 steel with splines, threads, pinholes, two centering holes, a bearing journal and zinc plating.

This product is assembled into a motor-trike and cargo axle assemblies. Learn more about our shaft manufacturing capabilities.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive

Dimensions: 10.558" x 2.450"

Material: 8620

Tightest Tolerances: +0.0000" / -0.0005"

Processes: CNC Machining, Centerless Grinding, Threading, Spline Cutting, Heat treating, Washing & Anti-rust packing

Usage: 5,800

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