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Shafts: Rolled, Cold Forged, Formed, Hobbed, Rack Rolled & Cast

Avoid high priced, aftermarket suppliers. Instead, send your custom, Spline, Threaded, Precision, Ground and Rolled component to our production team for quoting. AmTech has experience with a variety of OEM applications using splines, rolled, cold forged, formed, hobbed, rack rolled, cast and shaped shafts.

During the production operation such as heat treating induction and straightening, the machine centers securely hold onto the part center-line for grinding processes. Automotive, heavy equipment, power generation, defense, agricultural, off-highway, automated, aerospace and other industries demand a fast and reliable supplier to manufacture difficult tolerances. We are unmatched when it comes to our capability to design and produce all types of OEM parts.

Shafts: Rolled, Cold Forged, Formed, Hobbed, Rack Rolled & Cast

In conclusion, consistently producing these high quality products – at an affordable price – can be a purchasing challenge for buyers. Trust AmTech OEM as your dedicated shaft manufacturer, especially if your project requires complex machining and grinding services.

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