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Helical GearsQuiet, Custom Gears for high speed applications

Helical gears are considered a specialty family of engineered component. This type of product includes precision teeth that are produced with a very tight angle tolerance. What's special about these teeth? The unique teeth slowly engage the operation; resulting in an extremely smooth and silent operational noise. The teeth are longer and stronger than other gears; resulting in a greater carry weight load. This value explains why this type of specialty OEM part is being selected for many electrical and hybrid energy applications, rather than other traditional styles of gearing families. Helical gears are normally utilized for mating two parallel shafts or in crossed mesh applications to connect a pair of perpendicular shafts.

AmTech International is a specialty supplier of helical gears to leading North American manufacturers from several industry category areas that include: Automotive, Agricultural, Electronic, Industrial, Medical, Defense, Off-highway and others. Our OEM helical gears are manufactured with strict quality standard enforcement and followed by each customer project specifications and detail requirements.

Strict Engineering and Manufacturing Standards

Our precision machining capabilities allow us to meet the most strict customer specifications with overall external diameters of two feet or internal diameters of fifteen inches, including right and left facing helix angles in all sizes. These engineered parts can be produced with ferrous or non-ferrous materials with numerous secondary service options from heat treatment, tooth shaving and precision grinding. Reference the charts below for more detailed specifications.

Gear Material Types

- Acetal
- Delrin
- Alloy Steel
- Aluminum
- Brass
- Bronze
- Carbon Steel
- Ductile Iron
- Gray Cast Iron
- Nylon
- Plastic
- Polycarbonate
- Stainless Steel

Industry Applications

- Automotive
- Biotechnology
- Chemical
- Construction
- Defense
- Electrical
- Electronics
- Firearms
- Machinery
- Marine
- Medical
- Off Highway
- Pneumatics
- Semiconductor

Manufacturing Processes

- Broaching
- Carburizing
- Climb Hobbing
- Conventional Hobbing
- Grinding
- Heat Treating
- Honing
- Flame Cutting
- Lapping
- Nitriding
- Milling
- Shaping
- Shaving
- Forging

Gear manufacturing services:

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- Helical Gears
- Planetary Gears
- Spur Gears
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