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Gear Train Assembly

A gear train is a mechanical system where gears are mounted on shafts in a frame in such a way that the gear teeth mesh together while rotating, to transmit power from one shaft to the other.

Gear train assemblies are used in almost every machine that deals with mechanical power, the most popular applications are: engines, clocks, gearboxes, automotive differentials, lathes and more. They ability to switch between plastic and metal gears in the gear train is important due to the mechanical and chemical properties both materials provide.

Plastic gears have good shock absorption as plastic is more forgiving than metal, this helps with misalignment, tooth errors and reduces noise. Some plastics are even more chemical resistant when needed in harsh working environments.

Here, the shaft in the center is the driver. The white plastic/nylon gear in the center is a hypoid gear that rotates the smaller plastic gear, and the 8620 steel gear at the bottom rotates the metal gear on the left. The entire gear train is housed in an aluminum casting structure.

AmTech manufactures gear train assemblies for several Fortune 500 manufacturers in electric motors and industrial machinery industries. This knowledge helps guarantee no project is too small, too large or too complex for AmTech’s manufacturing capabilities.

Gear Train Assembly

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