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Blower Shaft

Air Conditioning Blower Shaft

AmTech OEM supplies this blower shaft for a large multinational provider of air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. This hot-rolled shaft is made from unhardened carbon steel AISI 1018. This machined component supports the fan, a key component that moves air through a roof-top air-conditioning unit.

An electric motor turns the fan assembly, which creates a one direction air flow. The blower fan drive is an indirect-drive type, with the drive belt acting as the intermediary link between the driving motor and the driven fan.

Indirect drives, or belt drives, are traditionally the most common drive type employed in commercial air-conditioners, as they require less complex maintenance and provide greater flexibility with respect to service factors.

Project Details

Industry: Industrial Air Conditioning

Length: 56"

O.D.: 1.125"

Material: AISI 1018

Surface Finish: Customer specified anti-corrosion lubricant

Tolerances: ± 0.005"

Processes: Cutting, Straightening, CNC Machining, Automatic Grinding, Ultrasonic Cleaning

Usage: 55,000

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