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Brass Valve Machining

Brass Valve Machining

This brass valve machining project is for an OEM manufacturer in the Toy Industry. The screw machine part serves as a nitro valve cap to control the amount of fuel injection in the radio remote-controlled plane’s motor.

During the brass valve machining process, there are several operations including turning and slotting.

This screw machine part was made from 360 brass material, with a nickel chrome plated finish. We used a variety of inside- and outside-diameter screw machining processes, as well as plating. Each brass nitro valve cap and pin weighed about 0.3 oz.

Project Details

Industry: Electronics

Dimensions: Length: 0.848" - OD: Ø.500" - ID: Ø.349"

Material: Brass

Tolerances: ±0.001"

Processes: Screw machining, Threading, Nickel Chrome Plating

Usage: 36,000

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