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Drone Screw Machining

Drone screw machine parts

AmTech OEM manufactures these Drone screw machining parts for an OEM customer in the Automated Drone Industry.

The Shaft Housing, Locking Nut, Locking Washer and Micro Shaft are assembled together into the propeller mechanism. There are several types of metal used: 4340, 4140 and 17-4PH. All of these components are precision machined to ±0.003″ tolerances or tighter.

These parts are salt spray tested for 100 hours, due to the environmental conditions that these drone screw machining components are exposed to during flight operation.

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Project Details

Industry: Aviation

Dimensions: 0.845" x 0.460", 0.30" x 0.230", 0.475" x 0.470", 0.633" x 0.236"

Material: 4140, 4340, 17-4PH

Tolerances: ±0.003" to +0/-0.001"

Processes: Screw Machining, Precision Grinding, Spline Cutting, Case Hardening, Black Nitriding, Ultra Sonic Washing

Usage: 33,000

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