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Quill Shaft

Quill Shaft manufacturing

quill shaft is a type of shaft that is used to couple parts of the engine that are subject to torsional loads, such as a generator to an engine.

It consists of a long, thin, hardened shaft with splines on each end. One end splines into the drive shaft and the other into the generator. When an electrical load is suddenly applied to the generator, the quill shaft absorbs the load by twisting. This prevents the load being applied to the gear train of the engine as a sudden shock.

AmTech supplies quill shafts for a leading Aviation product manufacturer

Project Details

Industry: Aviation

Dimensions: 3.286" x 1.700"

Material: MARAGE 250 PER AMS 6512, UNS K92890

Tightest Tolerances: ±0.002"

Processes: Hot Forging, CNC Machining, Centerless Grinding, Spline Hobbing, Heat treating, Washing and Anti-rust packing

Usage: 100

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