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Miter Shaft

Miter shaft manufacturing

AmTech manufactures this miter shaft for a leading supplier of hydraulic steering systems for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

This miter shaft is part of a mechanical box assembly – contained in a one-piece cast aluminum housing, and is supported by double row radial ball bearings to reduce drag and improve performance.

The final assembly, in the steering column, is a gear arrangement that is used to sharply change column angles. They are often used in cab-over-engine chassis where the steering wheel is above the steering gear.

Gear shaft

Project Details

Industry: Automotive / Commercial Vehicle Steering Systems

Length: 4.70"

O.D.: 1.375"

Material: SAE 1141

Tolerances: ±0.005"

Processes: CNC machining, Slotting, Gun Drilling, Blasting Heat Treating, Plating

Usage: 85,000

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