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Sensor Housing

Electrical Housing die casting project

AmTech supplies these aluminum die castings for a large manufacturer of automotive fuel system parts.

This value body houses the fuel injection idle air control (IAC) valve, the component of the vehicle that regulates the amount of air that flows around the closed throttle plate.

The IAC is the anti-stall feature, allowing the engine control unit to maintain minimum RPM irrespective of changes in engine load. This enables the driver of the vehicle to transition from stand-still by releasing just the clutch (manual transmission) or just the brake (automatic transmission) without having to simultaneously press the accelerator.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive

Length: 2.82"

O.D.: 2.56"

Height: 0.984"

Material: Aluminum A380.1

Weight: 0.15KG

Processes: Die casting, deburring, precision machining, ultra sonic cleaning, sand blasting

Usage: 17,000

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