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Stainless Steel Fuel Rail

Stainless steel laser cut flange

AmTech manufactures this 304L Stainless steel part for the Automotive Industry.

This Fuel Rail is manufactured by investment casting and precision grinding. The stainless steel Fuel Rail is supplied to a Fuel System manufacturer in North America. Since these precision engineered components are used in Automotive fuel systems, dimensional accuracy is extremely critical.

In addition, the edges have surface requirements which require them to be free of scratches, dents, sharp edges and burrs.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive

Dimensions: 2.38" x 1.12" x 0.27"

Material: 304L

Tolerances: +0 / -0.001"

Processes: Investment Casting, Precision Grinding, Blasting, Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Usage: 600,000

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