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Supercharger Shaft

Supercharger Shaft manufacturer

AmTech OEM manufactures this precision supercharger rotor shaft for a forced induction system OEM in North America. This supercharger shaft is made with AISI 4340 steel alloy material. The heat treating is performed through induction hardening and have a case depth of 0.010″.

This Supercharger Shaft requires very strict tolerances in the spline zones; one little deviation could create critical functionality issues in the supercharger assembly.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive

Length: 10.03"

O.D.: 0.88"

Material: 4340 Steel

Tolerances: ±0.005"

Processes: CNC Machining, Spline Rolling, Threading, Straightening, Induction heat treating, Ultra Sonic Cleaning and anti-rust packing

Usage: 4,000

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