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Welded Stainless Steel Shaft

Welded shaft manufacturing supplier services

AmTech manufacturers these welded shafts for a leading Electric Motor OEM in Mexico and the United States.

During the shaft manufacturing process, the stepped shaft sections are hot forged to the major diameter and step points are measured and marked. Next, the smaller diameter steps are hot forged. The sections of the shaft are friction-welded together to form the foot-long shaft. Finally, the shaft is cleaned and packed for shipping.

The friction welding process allows for the use of steel and stainless steel in the final shaft. Welded shafts maintain the weld integrity and strength, removing the need for pre- or post- welding treatments.

The successful use of non-traditional materials in the friction welding process expands possibilities for design, while keeping costs low by using cheaper materials in non-critical areas. Further, friction welding creates an air tight weld, protecting shaft strength and integrity and reducing the risk of leaks and cracks.

Project Details

Industry: Industrial Motors

Length: 12.21"

O.D.: 0.832" - 0.605"

Material: 1045 Steel, 303 Stainless Steel

Tolerances: ±0.005"

Processes: Hot forging, stepping, knurling, screw machining, welding & ultrasonic cleaning

Usage: 16,000

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