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What are Planetary Gears?

Planet gears used in powertrain applications

Inside all automobiles exists the transmission to help regulate power and control vehicle speeds. There are so many different items that help the transmission properly work. This includes a proper planetary gearbox as well as the proper gear ratio.

How Planetary Gears function inside of transmission gear sets

Planet gears used in a powertrain application

The transmission is built with several distinct types of gears. The gears are paired with specialized shafts and castings to create the final assembly – a gearbox. This is a very small amount of space. Inside of this you will find locks, wet-plate crutches, ingenious planetary gear set, gear pumps and several other parts. In the center lives the planetary gears set.

The planetary gears are responsible for making the gear ratios that the different parts inside of that transmission need to properly work. All of the other parts that are under there are friends of the planetary gear, and work with it to ensure that these things can be done. There are actually two planetary gear sets inside of the transmission, but they are combined together.

Inside of the planetary gear set there are three components. Those are the planet gears, the ring gear and the sun gear. Each of these components are held in one place or used as either an input or an output. Gear ratio is determined by the placement of these components.

Planetary Gears for All vehicles

There are planetary gears that accommodate all makes and models of vehicles. You will also find that they are located in all vehicles no matter how old they are or the number of cylinders that they offer. They are made in various sizes and shapes to accommodate these various vehicles. Even sports cars that race professionally contain a gearbox.

In addition, gearboxes and planetary gears are made from a number of different manufacturers. As with any product, some brands are better than others. Choosing the right brand can definitely affect the functioning of your vehicle, so it is imperative that you consider them all before making a purchase.

Unless you are trained mechanically to work on gears and gear ratio, it is always better to allow someone who is handle the job. The gear ratio must be precise for the transmission to work as it should, and the gears must also be lined as accurately as possible.

The planetary gears set can be used to enhance the performance of a car. This is yet another reason it is so important to carefully choose the right brand and the right size, as well as ensure accurate installation of the planetary gear. The planetary gear is one of the most needed gears in the entire gearbox. It serves a great purpose in the operation of any vehicle. With this information, getting your transmission in tip top shape and in full performance mode is simple to do.

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