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What are Worm Gear Sets?

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What are worm gears

Worm gear sets and speed reducers are found inside of transmission applications. The worm, commonly used by most industrial equipment applications, is a helical thread that contains a shaft on the end. The worm is used to combine a part with a wheel that has teeth in it. These gears are used to reduce the size of the original gear.

The worm gears causes the wheel to rotate, but it will not allow it to come back around. The rotation can occur with only one end of the component because the other side is shallow and angled, and does not have what it takes to fully rotate.

Worm Gear Set & Wheel Variations

There are a few different types of worms. In fact, there are three major types that are used most often:

  • Single throated
  • Non-throated
  • Double throated

How Do Worms Operate In Everyday Applications?

How can you distinguish this worm gear from the others inside of the transmission? After all, there are a ton of different gears inside of that small space inside of the transmission, and they all might look very similar if you’re unsure of what exactly you’re looking to find.

The part can transfer as well as carry parts with complete accuracy, and works the best when it is time to speed reduce. It must be properly installed, however, as the lead angle, surface quality, sliding speed and the type of lubricant that is used all affect how it will work.

All of the parts should first be put through a process called double enveloping to help it perform its best. When the item’s gas been double enveloped it enhances all of the features, thus resulting in a more efficient product, including additional torque.


This type of precision component works with the help of what is known as a wheel. It is this worm wheel that enables the conveys of the gear to properly function. They also make it possible for the material transfer from one location to the next location.

This wheel can be used in both regular and high performance cars.

How are Worm Gears Manufactured?

The gearing tooth surfaces are precision ground by the use of custom tooling and CNC machining. This profess is handled through a machine, and each worm gear is constructed to the proper size. Lubricants can be added to make the worm gear easier to operate.

Just as other products are created by different manufacturing processes, so is the case with these gears and shafts. It is important that a quality worm gear and worm wheel be purchased so it is a good idea to look at the different manufactures as well as learn more about what other people who have used the worm gear in the past have to say about them.

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