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Heavy Duty Transmission Gear

Transmission Gears manufacturer

AmTech manufactures this transmission gear for a Heavy Duty Truck OEM in the Automotive industry.

This 9.5″ gear OD features 84 transmission gear teeth. The nominal pressure angle is 17.5 degrees and has a left-handed helix. Tooth width is 0.87″ and has a tolerance of ±0.005″.

These precision made transmission gears require DIN 7 gear quality, and heat treatment, to withstand the heavy duty application life-cycle.

In addition to heavy duty transmission gear manufacturing, AmTech provides OEM shaft manufacturing services for OEM customers in North America and Europe.

Dimensions9.52" x 0.95"
Material20MnCrS5 Steel
ProcessesCold Forging, CNC Machining, Drilling, Centerless Grinding, Sand Blasting, Heat Treating, Ultrasonic Cleaning


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