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Solenoid Housing & Plunger Stop

Solenoid Housing Manufacturer

This steel screw machine part as originally designed by our customer as two separate pieces that were assembled together. AmTech’s engineering design team drew on its’ extensive manufacturing experience to develop a more efficient manufacturing process. By producing this part through stamping, we were able to manufacture it in one piece.

This innovative manufacturing change led to decreased cycle times and cost reduction, which was passed onto the customer.

These types of coils are used throughout the Automotive industry, in any product with a combustion engine. These are used in carburetor idle stop solenoids to control fuel line flow into the engine fuel pump. These are critical system parts and must be manufactured to the highest quality to ensure proper and safe use over the thousands of hours and cycles of usage.

Dimensions0.914" x 0.975"
MaterialHousing - SAE 1008, Plunger Stop – SAE 1010
Tightest Tolerances±0.001"
ProcessesStamping, Screw Machining, Ultra Sonic Cleaning


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