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Shaft Collars

Steel Shaft Collar

AmTech International supplies these set screw shaft collars to a large manufacturer in the heavy duty power transmission industry. This shaft collar is part of an eccentric locking collar bearing assembly. The unit slides onto the shaft and is tightened with custom set screws. Other variations include Clamping One Piece, Clamping Two Piece and Hinged collars.

How are the shaft collars used?

The bearing is specially designed so that as it rotates in a specific direction, both the collar and the bearing are locked onto the shaft, keeping the bearing from rotating around the shaft.

These lock collar bearing assemblies are used in heavy duty power transmissions which operate industrial grade conveyor lines.

IndustryPower Transmission
MaterialSAE 1045 Steel, quenched and tempered 197 to 235 HB
ProcessesBar Stock Forming, CNC Machining, Drilling, Etching, Deburring, Ultrasonic Washing, Black Oxide


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